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    Question Unanswered: db2advis and stored procedure help required (imp)

    While using db2advis toll to get recomended idexes ,sometimes we get 10 or less indexes. Are we supposed to create all the indexes suggested by the tool or we need to select few of them or only only...kindly suggest
    or provide information regarding document which suggests the same

    2.My requirement is to create a procedure which exports data in excel , not directly exporting and using some tool to load in excel ,also I am not having the facility of using the stored procedures ,whats is the alternative
    As far as I am concerned we cannot directly export into excel format
    Using the wsf format we can export in lotus nots .please suggest how to provide solution to problem

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    Create the right indexes which db2advis suggest. Don't create all indexes.
    Optimizer will jusitfy those indexes while running the actual query. To check this, use db2exfmt tool.


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