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    Unhappy Unanswered: How to connect different locale informix DB?


    Is anybody has this experience? Connect Informix DB that use different Locale? Any kind Locale? (See attach)

    My Informix DB is 9.3, and ODBC is IBM Informix Client-SDK 2.81.

    1. The code set problem doesnt exit between the two Informix DBs that both use the same code set, like zh_TW.big5 vs zh_TW.big5.

    2. But, when 2 DBs' Code Set is different, like Database Locale is "en_US.819" and Client Locale is "zh_TW.big5", how could I connect two DB and transfer data from Server to Client?

    3. As attach, what's kind of information about Translation Library and Translation Option have to enter?

    4. If need some of Libraries or Options, where I can get it?

    Thanks for your time!

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    Hi Wings,

    Can You test define DBNLS=[0|1|2] ?


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    Code set conversion


    Codeset conversion using CLIENT_LOCALE and DB_LOCALE can only be used to perform codeset conversion between a client application and a serverdatabase.

    In pre 9.40 releases performing distributed queries on 2 different db's with different locales was not possible.

    In 9.40 however the collation of a database can be changed :

    in your database session you can use
    set collation "zh_TW.big5" ;
    this overrules the DB_LOCALE setting.
    Please do this setting and then try your distributed query.

    Or as an alternative create both your db's with the same locale( use UNICODE) ...and always do the codeset conversion from client to db.

    "set no collation" places the DB_LCOALE back to the default

    Good luck

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