Hi *!

I'm not sure where to post this message, so I try it here: We've got a Sybase ASE 12.5 running on Solaris. Its default charset is utf-8. Some columns in the database are univarchar columns.

We installed the C-JDBC controller (http://c-jdbc.objectweb.org) and now SQL-queries have strange resultsets:

Table: column1 (univarchar), column2 (numeric)

the following select returns a resultset:

select * from TABLE where column2=123

column1 column2
---------- ----------
mnjkl 123

If i run the select with another where-clause, I get no resultset:

select * from TABLE where column1='mnjkl'
(0 rows affected)

My Database-Client is a Java-Program and Java internally should work with utf-8 characters. The middleware is also Java - should work. The default charset of the database is utf-8.

I think there's an installation problem with the C-JDBC controller. Does anyone here have an idea?

Many thanks