I have a problem, and I was hoping to get some advice.

I'm part of an organization that's involved in networking people. I have an Access Database with all their contact information. Our web guy also wants to create an online database system where people could have an account on our website, update their own contact information, and require them to fill out a survey (with repsonses going into the database) in order to access some of the best features of the website. But we don't want two databases. We need to store the information somewhere that can drive a website and can also give me Access-like controls. I don't want to lose all the functionality I have in Access in terms of queries, forms and reports.

(I understand that Access has those Data Access forms, but they seem very limiting. We have a guy who can do PHP programming, and we want to keep a consistent look on our site, and I don't think Data Access pages can give us what we need.)

Our website is not hosted on a server in our office, but is hosted on the web. There is a MySql database function through our hosting company. I don't know how I would integrate an online database like MySql with my existing Access data. Can I use Access as the front end to an online database? How?

Or would it be better to bring our website on-site, and have the database reside on a local server with both local and Web-based access. I've heard that Microsoft Sequel Server can be used as the back end to Access. But I would have no idea how to go about this.

Or, is it possible to have an Access database and an online database that will sync with one another once a day? maybe that's more complicated.

Any advice would be appreciated.