I have a precise OCCI developing question for which I don't find any solution in the Oracle OCCI documentation. Here is what I do :

PHP Code:
Environment*    Genv;
Connection*     Gcon;
Statement*      stmt;

int iTab1[20];
ub2 ub2SizeTab1[20];
char cTab2[20][7];
ub2 ub2SizeTab2[20];
char cTab3[20][60];
ub2 ub2SizeTab3[20];

Genv Environment::createEnvironment(Environment::DEFAULT);
Gcon Genv->createConnection (GcUserGcPwdGcDBName);

stmt Gcon->createStatement();
stmt ->setAutoCommit(FALSE);
stmt->setSQL("Insert into table1(intfield, datefield, strField) values(:1, :2, :3)");
stmt->setDataBuffer(1iTab1OCCIINTsizeof(int), ub2SizeTab1);
Then I put data to be inserted in my arrays, 3 by 3, 20 times, and I execute stmt.

That works perfectly provided I always provide an int as first parameter, and char arrays for the two other ones. However, while it is perfect when I always have valid values for the three parameters, I don't see how to put a NULL value in one of the arrays !

Does anyone here know how I can do ?

Thanks in advance.