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    Unanswered: Alert 68 patch install problems

    I am wondering if anyone here has installed the one-off patch for Alert 68? I am trying to install in our Windows 2000 servers and am getting an error messgae like this:


    C:\oracle\product\920\Opatch\ version:
    Copyright (c) 2001-2004 Oracle Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

    Error in executing Java program to check conflict

    ERROR: OPatch failed during pre-reqs check.

    There is currently an open thread about this on MetaLink but no support agent has responded yet ... just wondering if anyone here has successfully installed it on Windows 2000 and if so could you please detail your steps here?


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    For alert 68, Oracle re-posted the 8i for windows patch on September 4th.

    If you downloaded it before that date, download it again.

    Keep an eye on the patchset size.
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