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    Unanswered: Visual Basic + DataReport

    I'm trying to make a report where you see general information of a range of products. I have a stored procedure in sql server 2000 that has two parameters. I also have a DataEnvironment with a command that calls the stored procedure. I see both parameters in the property window of the command. My question is, how do I pass the text value of a combox to the value of each parameter?

    My DataEnvironment is named DataEnvironment1, the Command is named Command1 and my parameters are named item1 and item2. The comboxes are named CmbCodigo1 and CmbCodigo2. And I have tried this:

    DataEnvironment1.Commands(0).Parameters(0).Value = CmbCodigo1.text
    DataEnvironment1.Commands(0).Parameters(1).Value = CmbCodigo2.text
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    Here is the method to call a stored-procedure with parameters:

    set cm.CommandText = "add_school"
    cm.cmdCommandType = adCmdStoredProc
    set p = cm.Parameters
    p.Append cm.CreateParameter("@style",adChar,adParamInput,50)
    p.Append cm.CreateParameter("@school", adChar, adParamInput,50)
    p.Append cm.CreateParameter("@id",adInteger,adParamInput)
    cm("@style") = "Kempo"
    cm("@school") = "WSU"
    cm(Id) = 1

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