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    Lightbulb Unanswered: SQL2310N The utility could not generate statistics.

    Got the error below when running runstat on cronjob.

    SQL2310N The utility could not generate statistics. Error "-900" was returned.

    Any idea what error -900 means?

    Thanks in advance.

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    -900 is sqlcode

    SQL0900N The application state is in error. A database
    connection does not exist.

    Explanation: A connection to a database does not exist. This
    may be due to one of the following reasons:

    o A serious error in the application state has caused the
    database connection to be lost.

    o The application may have disconnected from a database and not
    established a new current connection before executing the
    next SQL statement.

    User Response: Reestablish a current connection be either
    switching to an existing dormant connection (using CONNECT TO or
    SET CONNECTION) or by establishing a new connection (using

    sqlcode: -900

    sqlstate: 08003
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    Thanks for the information.

    I am new to DB2. Just wonder why an application error would cause failure in generating statistics in the database? Does RUNSTATS involve not only the database but application as well? I checked the dialog.log but did see any errors reported on that day. Where else can I look for errors reported in the database? Thanks.

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