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    Unanswered: Form Problem Access 2002

    I have a form which will be used to view people that are close to a deadline. The form includes people that are 3 weeks away from the deadline to the deadline date "WHERE Deadline<Now()+21 AND Deadline>=Now()" So now I have people that are 3 weeks from deadline which my users are to start dealing with. To make sure that the ones closes to the deadline stand out, I want the record's detail to either go red or have the font go red. Is there any way to do that? For me, When one changes, they all change. Thanks in advance


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    Have you thought about using conditional formatting ?

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    "WHERE Deadline<Now()+21 AND Deadline>=Now()"
    This should be "WHERE [Deadline] Between Now() And Dateadd("d", 21,Now())"

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