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    Unanswered: Universe files maintenance - resizing problem

    Hi expert !

    I'm not quite wellverse in universe rdbms.currently I'm using universe ver 10 with OS Aix 5.2. I detected that a lot of files in one of universe account is overflowed.The problem are as follows,

    1. Is there any other solution to resize the files when end users are using the files. I understand that there is an option to use i.e "CONCURRENT" but that is not a proper way since the chances file corruption is great.

    2.what is the method to get the proper modulo,separation and type ?

    I would appreciate if someone can post the program that fuction to resize with multiple file instead of manualy.

    Any feedback on the subject will be higly appreciated .



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    UniVerse resizing

    If you get to a TCL prompt, use the command HASH-HELP filename. It will give you recommend settings for Modulo and the like. Everyone must out of the system when you do this as you are changing the size of the table at the lowest level.

    Hope this helps,


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