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    Can anybody please help me with this problem
    1. I have a table with the following column :
    code Date Time vol exptime elapse
    4 20010424 104232 945 40165
    My problem is none of these column can be my primary key so my question is
    How can I assign another column say 'transact_id' which will have an incremental and unique number? In other word my objective are:
    a. I would like to have the data sorted according to code, date, time
    b. I would like to assign a column which consist of unique and incremental number e.g. for code 1, first date and first time the 'transact_id' column will be = 1; for code 1, first date and second time the 'transact_id' column will be = 2;and so on
    Ps: I have try to add column and select the auto number as the data type, however when I check it, access failed to sort the data properly

    2. I would like to calculate the column elapse as = 'exptime(t) - exptime (t-1)'. In other words, the elapse is the difference between exptime of the current collumn with the previous one? Can you create a query to calculate this?

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    You can add an ID column but you'll have to order your existing data 1st ... As for a general query to do what you want? No. I can be done using a bit of code tho ...
    Back to Access ... ADO is not the way to go for speed ...

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