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    Unanswered: SQL Server Optimisation query...

    I have just managed to get a box that i've inherited up and running fairly stable. Can anyone suggest how i can optimise the server to give maximum performance?

    Im running:

    Windows 2000 Advanced Server
    SQL server 2000

    the box has the following attributes:

    2.4GHz processor
    512Mb RAM
    40Gb HDD

    If anyone can make any suggestions, i would greatly appreciate it.


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    Much, much more RAM. 2 Gb would be a start, 8 Gb would be the max practical. More is better!

    Backups are really good (as you've noticed). Make backups, automate that process, then test to be sure that you can restore the data that you need from them. Repeat these tests periodically (at least once a calendar quarter).

    Use SQL Profiler to trap a sesssion or three of heavy usage. Look for the poorly performing queries. Optimize them any way that you can, especially if you have the ability to alter those queries. At the very least, check to be sure that they have indexes using the Query Analyzer Index analysis tool.

    Use performance monitor to see what is going on inside your server. Look for anything that seems to be slowing things down (once you get more RAM, it will be the major bottleneck until you get more).


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