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    Unanswered: how LOB is stored? -to find its size

    Pls help me understand this.
    I have a table with 3G size tablespace for it.
    when I see the table size it shows only 140 M but table space is full and having all space utilized.
    There is only one table with a LOB column in it.
    Can you tell me where other space go ( I think LOB is stored and calculated differently )
    Pls. help me understand how to figure out size of LOB.

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    Please refer the following website. You will get more than what you can digest on Large Objects(LOB's)

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    The article seems to be referring to DB2 for z/os, and not everything in it is valid for UDB on LUW.

    You could determine size of data stored in a LOB column by SELECTing LENGTH(LOB_COLUMN_NAME); however, this cannot tell you how much space these data actually occupy in the tablespace. Please see Admin. guide: Planning for explanation of how LOB space is allocated.

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