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    Unanswered: An EDU has crashed.

    I received the following error in db2diag and of course the instance crashed.
    Does anyone know what and "EDU" is, in this context?

    004-09-08- Instance:dbadmin Node:000
    PID:23738(db2sysc) Appid:none
    base_sys_utilities sqleChildCrashHandler Probe:15

    416e 2045 4455 2063 7261 7368 6564 2e An EDU crashed.

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    On the server side, activity is controlled by engine dispatchable units (EDUs). EDUs are implemented as threads in a single process on Windows(R)-based platforms and as processes on UNIX(R). DB2 agents are the most common type of EDUs. These agents perform most of the SQL processing on behalf of applications. Prefetchers and page cleaners are other common EDUs.


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