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    Angry Unanswered: oracle very slowly

    after changed domain (from nt to 2k3) i have changed SQLNET.ORA(SQLNET_AUTHENTICATION_SERVICES=(NONE) ) to connect Oracle Server,
    now i connect but it is very slowly.
    somebody can help me?

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    Since you were very lacking with actual details, I can only guess.
    I could be the case that you are suffering from some sort of network timeout.
    For example I have seen the following occur...
    would take 30 seconds before it would succeed.
    The problem was that the the primary DNS server I was "using" was down.
    Telnet would ask it to resolve the host name; which would time out.
    The telnet would ask the secondary DNS server & succeed.
    The 30 second delay was due to the DNS timeout upon initial hostname lookup.
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    thanks for all help

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