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    Unanswered: SqlQueryString in CR 9


    I have a problem with SqlQueryString in Crystal Report 9.
    After design a report, sometimes we must to change our SqlQueryString
    at the runtime.. (ex. we add some where clause, etc...). But After I change
    the SqlQueryString at the runtime, the Report show with the original Query (Query when I design the report)....

    Anyone can help me, or give me some advise why I can't set the SqlQueryString at the runtime??? (this is not in every Report)...

    Thanks Before,

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    I don't know exactly..

    I try too, to modify sqlstring at runtime but can't I read some docs and I realised that is not posible; try use parameters...
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    According to what is said in the following link, you can't modify the .SQLQueryString at runtime.

    however, I have a book called "The Complete Reference: Crystal Reports 9" that states you can modify the .SQLQueryString at runtime as long as you don't change the "SELECT" portion of the string. But I tried to modify just the "WHERE" clasue and it won't work. It's just hard for me to believe that they would even have that property available if you couldn't modify it on the fly. How else are you expected to allow the user to filter the results? True, you can use .RecordSelectionFormula but that is evaluated on the client-side which is too slow if the server is sending large results to the client to be filtered there. There should be an easy way to modify the SQL string and have it run server-side at runtime, but I can't figure it out.

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