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Thread: Sage Line 50

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    Sage Line 50

    I am a new member at DBFORUMS and hope to get invaluable experience from tips, answers and suggestions that i receive from fellow membes.
    I have been working with Sage Line 50 for quite some time now and need to put up a POS system. However from the look of things it is not possible to update Sage tables directly from an external application- in my case MS Access.
    Anybody with an idea of how i would go about this.

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    You need to register to become a Sage Developer (currently about 1000 per year). This will then allow you to use the tools already installed with Line 50 (sdoengxx.dll, I think). Until you register, you will have problems using them, from what I can remember.

    As a registered member, you also gain access to their online knowledge base which can be useful. I've not done anything with Sage for 3 years now, but I was involved in the development of an app for posting invoices and updating stock levels.

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    This is the same issue I am looking into. I am trying to integrate the Sage product with a 3rd party product. This is possible. You can load data into sage using csv files. This is done via the import option....however, Sage expects the csv files to be formatted in a certain way.

    Unfortunatey I only have a trial version of Sage in which the import option does not work! What a bummer!!!

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