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    Hi my problem is that i am trying to make a message box appear within a button in the forum.

    i coded the button using the wizard, its a save button, but now i wish for the button to contain an if statement relating to the message box.

    can you please give me an idea of what the statement should be i have tried using code from various tutorials but none seem to work

    thanx much


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    What Programming Language are you using?

    What is the purpose you are trying to solve?

    Not sure what you are doing but it sounds like you want a hint on the button. If the programming language you are using is OOPs then you should be able to do Button1.Hint = "This button saves the data", sytax will vary. If it is that you want to change the Text on your button from "Save" to "Close" or something, then it would probably be like Button1.Label = "Close".

    With out knowing what you are trying to do and which language you are using, I can not be much help.

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