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    Unhappy Unanswered: Copy MySQL database from one provider to a new one.

    I have a (small) MySQL database running on my current website. I've recently got a new hosting provider and now I need to copy my database from one to the other.

    I only have PHPmyAdmin to do this but when I try to upload the full db (after I did an export on the old provider), it times out. The created files are (uncompressed) under 5Mb in total. If I seperate the largest table (1.8 mb file) from the rest and try it in two bits both imports fail.

    Any tips on how I can get the database copied across? (In the past I've done it one table at a time to my home machine which worked fine, till that one big table....) Like is there a way to make the dump of the big table spread across 3 smaller files?


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    I believe phpMyadmin has a zipping option hasn't it ? This should reduce the size of your large file quite substantially.

    If it does not maybe you could "slice" your big table in three sub tables with SQL statements like

    select * from big_table into small_table1 where Item_ID < 200
    select * from big_table into small_table1 where Item_ID >199 and Item_ID<400 etc ...

    I know it is a bit rudimentary but hey ... !

    If it works ...

    Have fun!
    One line at a time ...

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