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    Unanswered: Keyword search..


    I have a list of files (as .doc) in the folder and here I am trying to search for file(s) with the specific keyword/word in the text of that document so that I don't have to open up each file and look for that particular keyword. ACtually we have resumes created in MS Word and we would like to find resume(s) with the particular keyword. What's the best way of doing that.

    Please help me.


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    One way is to use Windows SEARCH function. Tell it to search for ALL .DOC files that contain the string you are interested in. If that does not really fit your bill you can write an application that uses OLE automation. In this app just have it take the body of the DOC file and then place it into a field Memo/General Field in FoxPro, General/Blob in Sql Server. You can then write code to SEARCH through those fields to find whatever keywords you want (or the user wants).


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