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    Question Unanswered: Recover data from corrupted device

    I've database sales on one device, So, data and log both is on same device.

    the steps are as follows

    disk init name = "sales", physname = "D:\devices\sales.DAT", size = "150M"

    create database sales on sales = 100

    when I execute sp_helpdb sales

    I get

    name db_size owner dbid
    ------------------------ ------------- ------------------------ ------
    sales 100.0 MB sa 6
    Sep 10, 2004
    mixed log and data

    (1 row affected)
    device_fragments size usage
    created free kbytes
    ------------------------------ ------------- --------------------
    ------------------- ----------------
    sales 100.0 MB data and log
    Sep 10 2004 6:21PM 100788
    (return status = 0)

    so data and log is on the same device.

    I want to know if the device is corrupted. what will happen to the data, means how to restore the data.

    because we can't use the "no_truncate" option, or we can't take the transaction dump. Because database is not having separate device for log (means logsegment).

    by using mirroring (Disk mirror) we can solve this problem, but I want to know any other option or any other solution.

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    No, mirroring will not help. If the device is corrupt for whatever reason, your only chance is to salvage the data using bcp. There is no provision in ASE to restore only the data pages.

    Again it depends on the type of corruption.

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    how to recover the data by using BCP.
    because the device is corrupted and and we cannot access the database.

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    You wont be able to use BCP unless you can access the database.. What state is the database in ?? suspect?

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