I have been reading forums on this for the last two days, and still have not been able to resolve my particular issue. I am running SQL2k sp3 on live and dev servers. I am trying to setup the proxy account under the jobs tab with an account that is setup as the service account, is a domain account and administrator, and is also a local machine administator. It will not saying:

'Eror executing extended stored procedure: Specified user can not login'

As one other thread said, they could get it to work on another machine, but not on their live machine...I have the same results. I have tried everything I have read, from resetting back to the system account and then back again, to restarting services on the machine, and more.

I read one thing that I need to verify and am wondering if it could be the reason for my woes...

First, the account that I am trying to use as the proxy account is a domainadmin account. I read one comment on a thread that said, that it has to be a domain user account? Now this I can understand and might be able to make happen, however, why would it work using the same account on my dev machine?

Second, their was another suggestion about using sp_start_job to trigger an existing job set to disabled. The problem with this, is that sp_start_job requires that the owner be the person calling the job. The account that is calling the sp that starts this whole mess is a sql login that is required by the vendor to remain the way it is. It can own, but it cannot run a job with the DTS or when it is wanting to perform a sysadmin function.

I really want the proxy to work, so any suggestions? Or whatever I can do to make this happen. Thanks