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    Syncing updates betweent two databases

    I have posted this question in Informix forum too. But I thought its more suited here so I am duplicating it here. Thanks.

    I am writing an appliation which has to update similar fields on two databases. Due to legacy system and bad design they are on different servers and you ahve to go and explicitly add the changes in both.

    So I need to change both adn in the end make sure both the changes are good otherwise roll back. Is there any standard method to do such a thing ? Even an abstract description would be helpful. I was thinking in terms of runnign a select querry on both of em adn comparing the results, but I have a feeling that it may be heavy weight and stupid .

    Thanks, a lot

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    Sybase Replication Server operates with Informix, from what I recall. Otherwise you might want to see if Informix has a replication product (I bet they do) to replicate changes from one DB to another.


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    Thanks for the reply .I doubt whether we have such a product. Its a bare bones database, here and I will have to take care of the programatically. Is there a standard procedure peopel use for such a thing?


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