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Thread: 7.0 vs 2000?

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    Unanswered: 7.0 vs 2000?

    I hope I can explain this correctly...

    I have a developer that runs a batch file to delete the current parts from the database. The batch file calls a prorietary Java class file (Trilogy) to delete the parts and it simply returns a "null". I don't know whats making it return null.

    Note: We have the same DB on a 7.0 Instance and a 2000 Instance. The batch file works against the 7.0 Instance and not against the 2000 Instance.

    I'm wondering if possibly it's a Server setting? I'm not sure where to begin with this one.

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    The first thing I'd check would be the logs. Any output (logfile, console, or other) from the Java app would be first, then the SQL Server log file, the NT logs, and anything else that seems appropriate.

    The next thing I'd do would be to sic the SQL Profiler on the little beastie, and watch what it is doing. The exact steps will vary a lot depending on your configuration, but the process isn't too complex.

    If none of those give you any clues, then you have a real puzzle! Those can still be solved, but they are a lot harder.


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