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    Question Unanswered: Oracle ERP Apps OLTP VLDB Partitioning ILM

    Hi Folks,

    Based upon publicly available Internet searches, version 8i range partitioning appears to have been used with great success to improve both performance and manageability of Very Large DataBases. This includes the use of tablespace partitioning to conveniently drop partitions in a form of automated Information Lifecycle Management when the data's usefullness expires. In nearly every example I can find, these tend to be custom data warehouse type applications. This is understandable in that they tend to hold large amounts of historical transactions to be reported over time, and the general strategy is to remove these performance degrading transactions from the OnLine Transaction Processing application.

    Now consider the following:

    You have an Oracle e-Business Suite implementation (namely Financials Accounts Payable) that has a large number of daily transactions,
    A corporate policy that multiple years of transactions to be maintained for historical inquiry
    A large user community that doesn't want to learn how to use a different historical inquiry tool. They want to keep the data within the standard Oracle Apps GUI.

    All of a sudden, you have a VL OLTP DB that could seriously use some Tablespace Partitioning, and even 9i Compression features to make it more manageable and perform better, while also leaving the data inside the original application database. A vendor designed application database schema that needs some 'custom storage configuration modifications' that are easily maintainable across future upgrades.

    Have any of you had success implementing Tablespace Partitioning and / or Compression features in the Oracle e-Business Suite application environment?
    Any failures or gotcha's?
    Any Best Practices you would care to share?
    Any analytical 'partitioning design' schemas you would care to share?
    Any implementing code you would like to share?


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