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    Exclamation Unanswered: Urgent... I need to put an Access Database online

    Hi guys.

    I have an Access Database which has switchboards and user-friendly forms. I want to put it online on my web server so that 3 - 5 users can use it.

    The problem is when when i put it online and somebody clicks on the database to open it, its gets downloaded to their computer.

    I need to know how to make changes to the database while it is still online. I do not want to use web based technology.

    The link to the database will be something like this:

    Please help me out!!!



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    If you don't want to use web technologies then you will have to use networking technologies. I would look into setting up a VPN or using Terminal Services. I know enough to know that these technologies exist, but I have never had to set them up.

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    If you want to share your database via a browser front end (the web) you're in the wrong place. You need a web base front end for which you can use Active Server Pages (.asp), PHP (er .php) or .net (Spawn of Satan) each of which is capable of connecting to your database on the server and allowing miltiple users to access it. ASP might be the easiest be in this respect as the language is slightly simlar to vba.

    It sounds, thought like you want to share across a network. To do this split your database into a front end (Forms, Reports, queries etc) and a back end (tables).

    Put the back end on the main server and copies of the front end onto the other machines. Link the tables from the front end to the back end (in the menu get external data > link tables).

    That's putting it very simply and missing out a few steps, but it's basically the way to go.

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