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    Question Unanswered: Help with Making Small Script for Website

    Hi guys. I'm trying to make a small script that will basically allow me to have an area on one of my sites for a daily schedule, that I can update via a form in a password protected area.

    I've been playing around with some sample code, and right now I'm basically stuck at how to create the MySQL tables/rows in phpMyAdmin.

    Basically I need the final output to be something like this

    7:00pm - Scheduled Event


    7pm: Scheduled Event
    I'm in phpMyAdmin, and there are just so many choices that I am not sure what to pick. I've got an empty database, and I created a new table called "time" for the time part of the output, with one field. But when I get to the field part, I get confused.

    The options are: Field, Type, Length/Values, Attributes, Null, Default, Extra. And then there are four radio buttons that want me to select "Primary, Index, Unique or ---". And finally a checkbox that says "Fulltext".

    I've played around and tried to read various things on it, but I'm still stuck at "You have an error in your SQL syntax".

    Any help would be greatly appreciated


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    I would take another approach. Rather than creating a table called 'Time' and then a table called 'Action' and then a table called 'Completed by' I would simply create a table caled "Daily_Agenda" in which I would have a column titled "Time", the second one "Action", the third one "Completed by".

    About the types of variables you can assign to each FIELD, there are more than the ones you mention i.e. if you click on OTHERS I suspect you might see one called TIME show up in all its glory, the use and formatting of which you can find on

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    Have fun!
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