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    Unanswered: Starting the database ,,, how?

    Hi there , my question might sound really stupid but sorry I just installed oracle 8i on my PC on a windows xp. I am new to this software . The installation went fine . but now what to do ?? , I only can access the database using INTERNAL username to access the sqlplus command line. I am not able to start the database b/c I dont' see any icon that I can click to start it. I am not sure if there is any configuration I have to do first. I know I will need to connect as sys but none of the passwords work for me. When I click at the oracle enterprice manager login , I get prompted for Admin , password , server. I was not asked to set those during the installation so not sure what to put in there. I am totally lost ,, a document or detail answer will help a lot. please advice ,, thanks in advance.

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    Oracle is not a Windoze based point & click GUI.
    If you want to control Oracle , you'll need to RTFM
    Be sure to have a supported configuration (OS & Oracle s/w version),
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    Hi Samoura,

    The Oracle database runs as a service not as an application. You use external applications to log on, manage and view whats happening on the database.

    To ensure the instance is started, go to control panel->administrative tools->services there will be any entry called OracleService<SID> where <SID> is the name you gave it during install.

    Make sure this is started, and if you wish set it to "autostart".

    Default passwords following install are....

    Stick with using SYS to create new users etc.

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