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    Question Unanswered: connecting DB on a pendrive in MSSQL 7.0

    I am developing an application in VB. I want to know whether we can keep the database file (.mdf) on the pendrive in MS SQL 7.0. If this can be done HOW CAN THIS BE DONE Please guide me. It should be that when i connect my pendrive to the machine / server then i should be able to acess the database. This is a chellenging job which i have taken. Please guide me if this is possible.
    Hoping for you HELP
    THank YOu
    Vikram Jain

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    Check out sp_attach_db and sp_detach_db in the MS-SQL 7.0 Books Online.


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    Connecting Database on a pendrive in MS SQL 7.0

    SP_Attach_DB ?? How can this procedure be made run through VB Code.
    If you can send me a sample code it would be highly appreciated..
    Thanks Regards Vikram Jain

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