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    Unanswered: 10 newbie questions

    Hi, I started a page a year ago,, where I had people enter info about home games. I didn’t know any HTML but I managed to get it so visitors could enter info through a form into a text file and call the file up using a PHP include statement.

    Now I want to upgrade the site and have all the info stored in a SQL database. I have a few questions before I start Googling 40 hours a week to learn stuff:

    1. From what I understand, you have to write a SQL script to change/delete data in a MySQL database (am I wrong?). Is there a program that has an Excel-like interface that lets you edit text directly? If so, what is the best program? Cheapest?
    2. Can I have each record found in a database be put into a separate HTML table when my page outputs a search? I want to maintain the look of my site like I have it here
    3. Is there is limit to the number of characters in a record?
    4. Is there a limit to the # of records in a table?
    5. Can I declare a record in a table as "hidden" so that it temporarily won't come up in searches?
    6. If I have users visitors create a UserID and log in with a password and create info about themselves, can I go in to the database and edit THEIR info?
    7. Is there a way to measure the # of SQL queries?
    8. If you have 5,000 rows, is there a way to add another column to that data?
    9. I am going to have a zip code radius search for games. I found some off-the-shelf commercial program that can do this. Is this something I could find on Google if I looked hard enough - because it just has to do with long&lat computations?
    10. What are the other popular MySQL forums?

    If anyone has any general advice about changing this page - - into a SQL database I would appreciate it.

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    I think that from the little you know, it is going to take you a long time to migrate to a db-managed site. So, I wish you good luck, and here is some help :

    1. Yes, you have to write sql queries (in scripts or not) to retrieve, modify, add or delete data from a database. For MySQL, try PhpMyAdmin : it works great.

    2. Your site's design won't have to change. What you will do is querying the database, read results one by one and put them within html tags so that it will look like just as it is now. For that, you will have to use dynamic web pages : Asp, Php or else... in order to "mix" the code accessing the database and the html code of your page. You may have to learn some coding (for example vbscript for asp and php for php ), as well as some basic SQL (which you will certainly improve in the future).

    3. It depends on the datatype of the field. With "text" datatype in mysql, there is no limit.

    4. Almost no limit : A LOT.

    5. When you query (in SQL) the database, you choose which fields to retrieve, and among them, you will be able to display whichever you want in your asp/php code.

    6. Technically, yes. However, be aware that you won't have the RIGHT to modify personal data if the persons didn't give you permission to do so. (or something like this, be aware of that and find an official article where what you can and what you cannot do on personal data is clearly stated)

    7. What do you mean by "the number of sql queries" ?

    8. Yes, you can (see manual : "alter table" in part 9 : MySQL Language Reference)

    9. Sorry, I don't know.

    10. I don't know either, but this one is the best I found so far !

    And finally, to help you, a link to the sql manual :

    And once again : GOOD LUCK !



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