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Thread: Dot Net and Me

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    Angry Dot Net and Me

    As I seem to have the forum to myself at the moment I thought I'd start a new thread.

    I have been wrestling with .net for a few weeks now and find it utterly utterly c**p to use.

    Whatever happened the the ease of use of vb6 for heavens sake. Remember how easy it was to populate a list box, and get suff out of it! Try binding a list box to well anything and half the time the display member doesn't bind and when it does it either shows notheing or something helpful like Sysem.DataRow.

    I could go on an on and on but surely I'm not the only one who finds this product a huge sea change in the wrong direction?

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    .Net is a massive change I'll agree. In the wrong direction though? I'm not so sure about that. the amount that you can now achieve with the language is amazing but it also means that you need to know more to achieve it.

    There are so many different ways of achieving the same things in .Net that a lot of people get very confused. Especially when only having experience in ASP.

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