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    Cool Unanswered: Need help with date parameters in a crosstab report

    Hi All,

    I have this crosstab query with parameters as follow:

    [Start Date:] Date/time
    [End Date:] Date/time

    It works fine on it's own. However if I try to build a report from this query, the fields will not be available in the wizard until I remove the parameters from the crosstab query.

    Once I remove the parameters, I can build the report and run it no problem. However when I put the parameters back in the cross tab query, I get the following error:

    The microsoft jet engine did not recognize " as a valid field name or expression.

    Prior to getting the error, I am getting prompted in sequential order [Start Date:]-[End Date:]-[Start Date:]-[End Date:]

    This is weird because I had it working before and now it's not...

    I also get the same error if I call the report from a form that passes the two parameters (Dates) to a VBA procedure that creates the crosstab report dynamically.

    This suggests to me that Access does not like the double quotes ("). I had notice this in the debuger. When I looked up the two parameters, the values were "2004-09-12".

    Does anyone know this issue?

    Thanks in advance
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    I think dates are supposed to be surrounded by #, not "". #2004-09-13#.

    I've done a couple of reports with dynamic crosstabs, and they have the query's parameters set. Do you mean the query's, or do you have the fields' criteria set to [Enter Start Date]? Usually, a crosstab query is built from a select query. You need to have the start and end dates as criteria in the select query, not the crosstab.

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    Thanks Lisa...

    It works now...however my dynamic query doesn't. I have to review it.

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