Hi there,

Can anyone pls help me on this issue.
I get this error message when i try to connect to crystal report from ASP.
I guess my crystal report should be the cause.

Error Occurred Reading Records: Server has not yet been opened

I tried this before

'================================================= ========
' Logging on to the Main report
'================================================= =

a = "database name" 'database
b = "server name" 'servert

set Session("options") = Session("oApp").options
Session("options").MatchLogonInfo = 1

set ReportDatabase = Session("oRpt").Database
Set crdatabasetables = ReportDatabase.tables
set crtable = crdatabasetables.Item(1)
crtable.SetLogonInfo cstr(a), cstr(b), cstr(username), cstr(password)

It still come out the same problem.
Pls sumbody advice me on wat to do.
Thanx a lot