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    Unanswered: max no. of values in WHERE ... IN clause (JDBC)

    Hi all,

    can anyone tell mey what the maximum number of values (if there is any) which can be used in the WHERE ... IN clause?

    .... WHERE ID IN (1, 2, 3 ... , n) ....
    what is the maximum number of values which I can put between paranthesis?

    10x in advance
    PS. I'm using JDBC to execute my SQL queries
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    I do not think that there is a limit to the number of expressions you can have. You do have a limit on the number of characters that an SQL statement can be, and that is 65,535 for V8.1 LUW. This will limit the number of expressions you can use.

    Do not forget, you can use SELECT ... WHERE .. IN (<full-select>) the full-select can have any number of rows.



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