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    Unanswered: XP Service Pack2 messed up my connection

    I have an Excel macro which pulls data out of a mySQL database which has been working fine. I upgrade XP to service pack 2 and hey presto it says my DSN file is not a valid compound file. I have searched the web for a bout 2 days now and can't find a solution. Any thoughts anyone

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    There is quite an intense debate on the Macromedia ColdFusion web site about SP2 messing up things

    I have had problems myself after upgrading to SP2 (Windows update was hanging!) so after spending the usual two days raiding the net and Microsoft's knowledge base I eventually > wrote < to them (there is a "Write us" at some point on Microsft's web site if you dig deep enough) and got a Customer Care representative who ran me through a number of trials to no avail after which he threw the towel and handed me over to a Microsoft Support Professional who really was extraordinarily supportive and after another two days sent me a number of commands to run in order to recreate registry parameters.

    Now since you are having a problem with an Excel macro (I have an innate respect for people who are able to get Excel macros work ) IF - and this is a big IF - you bought EXCELL in a box you can call Microsoft directly and they will help. If it was pre-installed they will direct you to your computer supplier

    I see no other option than to go to Microsoft directly because this whole SP2 issues thing is so new I believe only they can help you out.

    Good luck

    Best from Brussels

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    more information...

    What does the DSN have in it?

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    Is your MySQL database local or remote? If it is remote then check that your ports are configured correctly since SP2 turns on its own firewall by default. I have to say that I do not have any issues with it and have not had to change anything in my firewall settings to allow my VBScritps to access my remote dB but maybe something to check out

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