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    Unanswered: TransferText and RunApp


    I have 2 Access macro questions I hope somebody can please help me.
    Iam using Access Office XP.

    I am creating Macro Action "TransferText", and under the FileName Action Argument I typed the following LAN directory path but it doesn't work.

    G:\\Amat-asia-ams1\Planning\IPP\Monthly IPP review\Aug2004data.txt

    Because other users may "mapped" their shared directory using other Letters, so I tried even these paths but still to no avail.

    \\Amat-asia-ams1\Planning\IPP\Monthly IPP review\Aug2004data.txt

    I am creating Macro Action "RunApp" and under the Command Line Action Argument I typed the following path but it doesn't work as well.

    "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office10\excel.exe" "G:\\Amat-asia-ams1\Planning\IPP\Monthly IPP review\Aug IPPreview.xls"

    Can someone please help me?
    Thanks a bunch !

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    Amat-asia-ams1 is a server name, a directory name ?
    Verify the name of the shared directory on the server....

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    If you are referencing a mapped drive, then you have too many '\'. Change

    G:\\Amat-asia-ams1\Planning\IPP\Monthly IPP review\Aug IPPreview.xls


    G:\Amat-asia-ams1\Planning\IPP\Monthly IPP review\Aug IPPreview.xls

    I would suggest finding the file using Explorer. Turn on 'Display Full Path in address bar'. Then select the G: drive and find the file. In the addess bar copy and paste the file's path, and then add the filename. You can do the same thing with the network drive. Start by browsing you network, find the computer, the file and copy what is in the address bar.

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