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    Question Unanswered: Copyrighting your software

    Hallo everybody!

    If you're not going to be run-timing your code with a developer kit, what's the best way to go about copyrighting and securing your code in Access?

    Plus, I usually put a [Year] [MyName] on the startup form of the database. Is this enough to hold legal copyright?

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    Make it an MDE ... As for the other, consult an attorney in your country of origin.
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    In the United States, the definitive information on copyrights can be found at

    The Library of Congress administers copyrights, so this is the authoritative government website on this subject.

    In your case I recommend that you pay particular attention to the stipulations concerning "works made for hire." If you wrote it but someone else paid you to do it, or even paid you while you were doing it, you might not hold clear-title to your own work. The web site tells all.

    As far as notice-of-copyright is concerned, any notice on a splash-screen and/or opening screen of the work is enough. The circle-C (C) symbol, "Copyright," or the abbreviation "Copr." are all recognized.
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