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    Smile Unanswered: regarding stored procedures.....

    i need to declare a local variable in SQL stored procedure.
    this variable should have data type with no specific length. i mean like 'text','ntext'.

    i am trying to declare 'text' datatype for this local variable. but i got an error mesage saying that "text,ntext,image datatypes cannot be used for local variable."

    can u pls help me wheather there is any other data type that can be declared as local variables.

    with regards

    P.L.N.Prasad varma

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    are you sure you wanna declare a variable with no specific length? well anyways, there's the datatype varchar or char...maybe it'll help solve your prob. but regarding no definite length...why not use the default parameter? just @?

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    text/ntext can be passed as an argument, but not declared as a local variable.

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