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    Unanswered: Installation Problem of the Program

    I use VB 6.0, Access 2000, Crystal Reports and Operating System Windows XP for my project.

    I have developed a program, tested, created package and installed on the computer where Operating System is Windows XP. It is working perfectly but now I have to install it on the computer where Operating System is Windows 2000. when I try to install, it display a message some files on this system are out of date. I restarted computer many times but it does not allow me to install the program.

    Kindly help me solve this problem and advice how can I install my program on Windows 2000.



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    There are some fundamental differences between Windoze-2000 and Windoze-XP, but there is very little chance you would encounter them in a VB app that does basic reporting. The problem is much more likely to be caused by a dependancy on a later version of some underlying tool such as the MDAC than what exists on the Windoze 2000 machine.

    If you can post either a text capture or a screen shot that shows what file(s) the installation or execution of your program complains about, that would help a lot to isolate the problem.


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