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    Hi I am new to JAVA and I am trying currently to learn on my own. Using examples from the web I have started my own project. It is a simple Java programe to keep track of CD collections. But the software is half cooked. Hope you guys can help me with making improvements to it so I can STUDY the codes and get a better understanding on how to create, store, retrive and display the data correctly to the user.

    I have included my codes in the attachment.

    1) My codes lack proper data storage. I'm currently using a save button to save the data to a text file each time I add a new data. How do I let the programe open and save the new data in the text file by itself when new data is added?

    2) I can't seem to diaplay the stored data from the text file in the programe's display area properly. They just popup everywhere. Form net research, I belive I need to use either "Arrays" or "DataGrids". I can't seem to make them work for me. Can someone show me how to do it?

    I am using JCreator to compile my codes and see the results.

    Thanks in advance.
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