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    Unhappy Unanswered: 12541 & 12560 Errors

    I have Oracle 9i Release 2 installed on my windows XP desktop. I have installed only the default database that ships with the Oracle software. The name of the system is (Babloo) and the SID that i gave to the default database is Babloo.
    I have configured the TNS Entries for this SID. Now when im trying to connect to the database using the host name (scott@babloo/tiger) its giving the above errors (12541 - TNS No listener (But i have listner with the above SID in the services panel and I could start it. The service panel also has another service OracleTNSLisnter as one of the service). I configured the TNS entries using the net8 config.
    Also when i try to perforrm the LSNRCTL status check its giving the errors 12541 and 12560.
    The port names in the tnsnames.ora and listner.ora files is one and the same.
    Can any one let me know what could be the problem, Even though i could connect with out the host string.
    To my knowledge If we have the entries in the tnsnames.ora file with the sid then we could connect to db both with and with out the host string (In case of Server).
    Looking forward for a reply.
    Krishna Vaddadi

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    instead scott@babloo/tiger
    try : scott/tiger@babloo

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