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    Unanswered: transferring database between machines.

    I have been developing a database over the last 6 months, which has required buring a copy to CD and copying onto different machines - 1 running windows98 and another running XP.

    This has worked well until yesterday, when I started getting errors:
    Error in VB script
    unable to open the DB on double click
    some subforms not opening/not updatable

    I have followed the same burning/transferring/copying for the last 6 months but now his occurrs.

    The DB is initially and continually developed on an XP machine, and also developed on the win98 machine where I have to change the attributes of the .mdb file to enable development otherwise it is read only.

    The database is approx 90Meg, and hasn't increased substantially over the last 3 months.

    I have done a compact and repair on the database from the toolbar, to no avail.

    Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated as the frustration level is rising rapidly.


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    I have not had this exact problem before, but besides a compact and repair I would suggest creating a new database and importing all your objects into it. Typically something in the system tables gets messed up and importing all the reports, forms, tables into a new database usually does the trick. But don't forget you relationships, file specifications, etc. (If you have any) You might also have to add any references that you added.

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