We are running SQL Server 2000 Analysis Services SP3, currently in development. Our data warehouse source is in Oracle 9i. We have about five cubes each with about 9 regular dimensions, 1 virtual dimension. One of the regular dimensions has five different hierarchies, three of them defined as virtual. Each of the cubes have many partitions. A lot of these dimensions are defined as shared. The cubes themselves are not bad for browsing, although we haven't loaded all of the data yet. The dev machine is running Windows 2003 Server, has 2GB of memory.

So, we have a pretty sizable amount of information that is read from and written to the repository whenever we attempt to edit a cube or a dimension. However, things have gotten extremely slow now, Just clicking edit on a cube takes two of minutes or more before it brings up the window. Some of the changes we may do on a shared dimension (such as setting a default member for time) are making the analysis manager to simply hang (never returns).

I checked the mdb repository size to be close to 10MB. Hoping that it may improve things, I migrated the repository to a local SQL Server instance blank database (not msdb). It has not improved anything at all.

I am hoping someone can be give me some pointers to look at other things to fix these problems.

I appreciate your suggestions/ideas.