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    Unanswered: Database Compatibility Mode - when to change???

    I have been migrating Databases from a SQL Server 7.0 Instance to a 2000 Instance. Basically the method I use is as follows:

    a)Create a new Database on the Destination Server (same name as the Source) When I create the new Database on my destination server, the compatibility mode is '80' and the source is always '70'

    b) do a 'revlogin' on the Source Server and use the output from that query to recreate the logins on the destination server

    c) make sure that the default DB for the newly creates logins are correct and change them if necessary

    d) Backup the DB on the Source Server and Restore it to the Destination Server.

    e) Check login permissions and fix any orphaned users - usually I don't find any that need to be fixed, but I always check.

    I've read BOL on Changing the compatibility mode on the Database... but I'm still unsure when I would have to do this and why???????????????? SHOULD I be changing the compatiblity mode from 80 to 70 when migrating Databases from 7.0 to 2000???? Any advice on moving DBs in this manner would be appreciated.

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    sounds like you're doing it correctly. I always changed the compatability mode as the very last step...I know I've had an issue when I didn't change it - at one point, but it happened a very long time ago, and I can't remember the specifics - I think it had something to do with Quoted Identifiers...if you have procs that use double quotes instead of single quotes to identify text was pretty bizarre.

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    7.0 to 2000

    Thanks much for the reply!

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