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    Unhappy Unanswered: HELP! Anyone with MS WORKS


    I wondered if somebody kind out there could convert a works database for me. My Dad's PC recently packed in, and being a generous son I built him a new one out of some old and new parts.

    Unfortunately he keeps his address book in a works database file (WDB), but his copy of works was pre-installed and he has no installation media for it.

    Needless to say, I have no way of giving him access to his file.

    Would anyone like to volunteer to convert this file for me? All I ask is that it is saved as a CSV file, then I'll do the necessaries from there.

    Thanks in anticipation,


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    I'm 99% sure that either Excel or MS-Access will open this file. That being said, if you send me the file in a PM I can convert it to a CSV for you tomorrow.


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    Hi PatP,

    Thanks for the offer. Got it sorted last night. A friend of mine just bought a new PC, and in the software bundle was no other than "MS Works"!!!

    He saved the file as a CSV for me, and I've since imported the info into Outlook Contacts for my dad.

    I'd done numerous web searches on the subject, and can't find any "free" tools or utilities to open a WDB file. My dad's on MS Office now, so hopefully such problems will not arise in the future!

    Thanks again,


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