Hi Guys,

I have defined the SQPLHOST and ONCONFIG but then I want to define the Repl.server a problem occur. The system can't connect to group_1 but this group I have defined bevore and everything was ok...what happens? Here are the configurations:

group_1 group - - i=3
group_2 group - - i=4
iibm02 onsoctcp iibm02.inf.uni-jena.de inf_ids g=group_1
iibm02_alias onsoctcp iibm02.inf.uni-jena.de 40050 g=group_2

...SERVERNUM 0 # Unique id corresponding to a OnLine instance
DBSERVERNAME iibm02 # Name of default database server
DBSERVERALIASES iibm02_alias # List of alternate dbservernames
NETTYPE onsoctcp # Configure poll thread(s) for nettype ...

-->I think this is ok, because I can connect to alias with dbaccess

cdr define server -c group_1 -I group_1
connect to group_1 failed *Error* <-25555> is not a known Enterprise Replication error (-25555)

Thanks and best Regards,