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    Unanswered: Temp Dbspaces : error 571 unless free space


    We observe the following : we have 5 temp dbspaces of which tmpdbs1-2-3 are 660 Mb large, and tmpdbs4-5 are 2 Gb large.
    We keep on getting informix error 567 (no free space for sort), although there is plenty of free space in the tmpdbs's 1,3,4,5 and only tmpdbs2 is full.

    My questions.

    1) Would it be so that the error 567 is triggered as soon as one tmpdbs is full ?
    2) does this have to do with not equally filling the dbspaces because of the size difference ?
    3) how can I find out which session/user/? is responsible for the tables that fill up the temp dbspace ?
    4) is it possible that temporary tables are not removed because of abnormal transaction ends ?

    PS: the onconfig file is OK

    best regards,

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    Hi Erwin,

    I think that is convenient that you remove dbspace temp 1,2,3 and recreate one more size.


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