Can a database that has been split be replicated?

I have a database that I work in that is currently unsplit, but replicated. I share this database with a co-worker (we work out in the field). I have the Design master, she works in the replica and we synchronize daily to minimize the chance of any conflicts. However, I would like to get this database posted to our Network so that we can move to working in an unreplicated database. However, I am not exactly sure what all is involved in that. So while investigating what I need to do to have this database posted to the network, I am also examining the possibility that perhaps I just need to split the database,..but stay with a replicated, but split database (if this can be done).

I am right now going through setting up security on a copy of my database (which I imported into a new database to get rid of the replication). I am just not sure what the best route would be for sharing this database with others. It seems that the bigger a db is, and when replication is involved, there are more chances for corruption.

There are only 2 of us that make updates to the data, but I would like to share certain views with up to about 20 other people (they would have read only access to certain tables/queries).

Any suggestions on what the best way to go with this is, or other options I should be considering?