Hi All,

I have a database query and need to calculate a running total that will be use in a pivot table.

At the moment the select query has

SalesID, Salesman, Target, SaleValue, SalesPeriod, Date
1234 Joe Blogs 16,000 2,000 8 12/09/2004
2345 Mick Smith 18,000 4,3500 1 01/01/2004
1234 Joe Blogs 16,000 3,000 8 13/09/2004

I need to be able to work out the running percentage based on sales that would increase everyday for each salesman buy Sales Period. And not just what the percentage of the target was for that day.

Joe Blogs Monday %5 = 5%
Joe Blogs Tuesday %2 = 7%
Joe blogs Wednesday %3 = 10%

Get the idea ?

Please help, been stuck on this for days and days.