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    Unanswered: SQL Enterprise Manager Hangs When Choosing A Location On Disk For A Backup Or Restore

    When I select All Actions>Backup Database and then click the ... button to choose a location on the hard drive, SQL Enterprise Manager Hangs and I have to kill it from Task Manager.

    All other areas of EM browse the disk drive without a problem. (DTS, File Groups, etc.)

    Anyone ever run into a similair problem?


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    Give it more time...but you should be doing the backup locally, and then copy the file off the drive if you'd like.

    A backup across the network can be corrupted, or at the very least will take longer....

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    I am not even getting to the point to create a backup. I am trying to look at the hard drive for a location for the backup and that is where EM hangs.

    I have waited over 20 minutes and it never comes back.

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